Worthwhile November 1, 2019

I can't believe it is November. 2019 has been flying by and I suppose that is great because it get's us that much closer to the return of Jesus!

This week was a busy one so there is one item worthwhile that is fresh and couple that I came across cleaning out older files. Let's see if they hold up!

The one item you must check out this week is the lastest bonus episode of This Cultural Moment. It is a recording of an interview session among some leaders at the global Alpha conference.

Mark Sayers, John Tyson, and Pete Hughes discuss revival and renewal with Todd Proctor. It is no a long session but within there is so much good fruit.

Keenly for me was a statement by Tyson: "I don't want to partner with just people who believe what I believe but want what I want." That being revival. Such an important word and guiding principle in this season of leading a church.

We so often align based on foundational theology but the outworking of that, or our goal for ministry and life, are different and we waste time spinning tires. What if we find and disciple those most hungry for spiritual renewal, what could the Lord do among us?

Listen in here.

Next from the way-back pile is this post from Adam Sinnett on how to do a church prayer meeting. He provides a great model and if you are looking for a resource to help check it out.

Timely for Reservoir as we plan our November 13 seek night.

Read what Adam wrote back in 2014 here.

Lastly, a timeless reminder from Sam Alberry that you are not your sexuality. A 33 minute talk that will encourage you and situate your identity where it belongs, in Christ.

Here is what Alberry says about the 2016 talk: "This talk is one attempt to outline some of the key lessons for the whole church that those of us with same-sex attraction are learning. Here are five:

  1. Your identity is in Christ.
  2. Discipleship is hard.
  3. God’s Word is good.
  4. The church is vital.
  5. The future is glorious.

I hope it’s a blessing."

I also hope is a blessing. Watch it here.

That's it for this week. Hope you got all the candy you longed for on Halloween and enjoy a weekend with those you love and a church that points you to Jesus.


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