Worthwhile November 15, 2019

The calendar pages keep turning (unless you have a calendar on your phone then you have no idea what that means). Here we are approaching Thanksgiving, at war with our family and friends over how soon is too soon when it comes to decorating for Christmas and playing the appropriate music for the occasion.

Leaving all that alone, below are some worthwhile bits to check in on as you saunter into the weekend.

As our elder team has started to evaulate ourselves, and I have been thinking through how to lead and form the right team to lead the church into the next season, this bit from Seth Godin has me thinking.

Allies and accomplices.

To be an ally means that you won’t get in the way, and, if you are able to, you’ll try to help.

To become an accomplice, though, means that you’ve risked something, sacrificed something and put yourself on the hook as well.

We need more allies, in all the work we do. Allies can open doors and help us feel a lot less alone.

But finding an accomplice–that’s an extraordinary leap forward.

I have plenty of allies and now I am on the lookout for accomplices.

Read the two paragraphs I haven't quoted here.

Next up, John Starke's occasional email newsletter was on point this week. It is on sleeping, or the lack thereof.

"Sleep is a gift. It really is. You can’t make yourself sleep, you can only receive it. I have to put myself on my side and wait for God to give this gift that comes only because he loves me. When that happens an exchange occurs that I neither witness nor oversee: he takes my cares and exchanges them for rest. If only for a little while."

We all need more of it. Before the lightbulb was invented we slept on average 11 hours a night. Let's get some of that back! Starke gives a good perspective here and you should check it out.

In the vane of church leadership and being healthy, Faithfully Magazine has launched a series on multicultural churches.

Turns out, a multicultural church is not something you can checklist your way to, but it is something you become when your team is healthy and thinking rightly about the essence of the church.

"...every member of the core leadership team must believe that diversity is God’s desire for the Church universal and the guiding principle for the local congregation. Every aspect of the church’s ministry must be conceived and planned with this in mind, including hiring and leadership development, outreach and missions, discipleship and spiritual formation, preaching, teaching, worship, and fellowship. Leaders must understand this and have a passionate and proven interest in learning about and working across cultures."

It begins with leadership.

And that is just the first order of things... Read what Chanequa Walker-Barnes has to say here. And let's have more multicultural churches!

Lastly, around Christian social media a meme has been popular this week. "I can do all things through Christ... But you don't go to church when it rains." This is funny, but extra because in San Diego it never rains and people freak out when it does, undoubtably keeping some from the community of believers.

To stir our thinking on not forsaking to meet together, Tim Arndt has written a list of 28 biblical reasons why you should go to church. Read up, set your alarm, and we will see you Sunday!

It also wouldn't hurt if you came to any midweek services, small groups, or Bible studies!

There you have it. Enjoy the weekend. Laugh when you can. Let the tears flow when needed. Hug someone a second longer than you usually would. And go to church!

I have spoken.


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