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All Together Hungry

This morning during a Bible study with other guys from our church I reflected on a time I had taken on a new job at a global health advocacy group. When I first started I was struck by this idea: if I could form a team of 50 people who were wholeheartedly committed to the same thing, we could change the world. While we had a great team, for some of us it was just a job. The work was not our undying passion. Change was still made, with great results, but my world-changing hopes were left for another day. Now I find myself in the realm of my undying passion. To that end I pondered out loud what it would be like if 80 people (our small church) were all wholeheartedly committed to the same thing. Namely, renewal and revival. More of God's presence, repentance and the experience of his grace. People deeply hungry for more of Jesus. That type of mission has and will change the world. I long for it. I hope you do too.

Worth Reading: The Gospel According to Satan

While it has been prominently placed at the number 1 spot in the "Satanist" category of Amazon, Satan is not happy about this book. Jared C. Wilson's latest, The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies About God That Sound Like The Truth , is worth reading and I think will be a tremendous help to the church. Wilson has provided another volume that brings us to Christ and opens life to real freedom. I think this book acts like a booster shot for word-centered, gospel life. Satan loves to twist truth into bondage and the finished work of Christ is what breaks us free and gives us feet to stand. Because it is written! Each chapter is devoted to a different lie we are prone to believing. They are: God just wants you to be happy; You only live once; You need to live your truth; Your feelings are reality; Your life is what you make it; You need to let go and let God; The cross is not about wrath; and God helps those who help themselves. Of course some of these things sound okay,

Grapes on the Vine

As I have been studying 2 Corinthians for Sundays at Reservoir Church I am struck over and over again by the importance of the church gathered. The assembly of saints that goes through all of life together, thick and thin. It is the place of sanctification, the bullhorn of the glory of Christ as our lives are transformed in community. While in the North American church we might give lip service to agreeing to this, how we live is terribly different. We choose churches and stay there only while our preferences are prioritized and as for lasting community, the moment we feel uncomfortable we bail. This is why “church discipline” is nonexistent and why sadly many of us hover in immaturity before Christ. I had occasion in recent weeks to talk with someone about choosing a path other than avoiding the church (or their specific church). When speaking truth brought tension it was easier to “worship somewhere else.” I get it. We find ourselves living in the cancel culture of boycotting people