Putting Pen to Paper

When we were all setting New Year's resolutions none of us thought we would be here. Living through a pandemic, schools closed, churches live-streaming, the CDC saying we shouldn't gather in groups over 50. It is a challenging time. But all necessary if we can flatten the curve of those sick with COVID-19 and the overwhelming of our medical systems.

So what should we do? Well lots of things, but first let me encourage you to journal each day through this pandemic. The days will begin to get interesting and for posterity sake it would be nice to have a record of what you experienced. But also, you are going to need to process everything that is happening and what you are feeling.

Describe the things you read or hear throughout the day. What it is like having the kids home. How much toilet paper you have in reserve. Whatever comes to mind and needs to be on the page.

Studies indicate journaling, just the art of putting pen to paper to describe the day and what you have been thinking, helps your overall mental state. It can calm where there is anxiety, it can capture where there is creativity, it can resolve what seems stuck.

As we embark on this journey together then, grab some paper (maybe you have an unused journal around the house), pick up a pen and let it rip.


  1. Add to that writing a scripture verse each day. Something you can ponder and study. I have been practicing this daily since January and it has been powerful.


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