Little Lizards

Studying Scripture this morning I was distracted by movement on a rock outside my office window. It was a little lizard, a baby jutting back and forth. As I watched the thought came to mind that lizard could represent the church, in this season being made new, expectant, but fragile.

I have noticed a lot of little lizards this year. I can't remember seeing so many in the previous six years of our SoCal experience. Looking for food, looking to thrive. I think they are an image of us, as believers and as churches.

We have had to shift and find our source. We have to be careful to ensure it is the right source because we have been made fragile by circumstance. But we will grow to maturity if we are fed and kept safe.

In Jesus we find our keeping and sustenance. Surely we are not all made fragile but we can feel like we are as we are pulled in different directions and look for our true north.

May we find it in Christ, follow him, start looking like him, and in him find our flourishing.


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