Prayer for the Church

As election day is upon us in the midst of a pandemic and turmoil among neighbors, I remain hopeful that Jesus is refining his church and calling us deeper into kingdom life with him. This is my prayer.

Lord we have come to a near end of the political drama of our age. A place so many of us have looked for meaning and purpose. As we move beyond it, bring us to repentance for the idolatry in each of our hearts. Give us a clearer vision of what it means to live loving our neighbors and our enemies for your glory and our good. Teach us to love as you have loved us.

Make the church passionate about life, from conception to natural death. That we would recognize your image in those we once thought less than us. That we would have a heart for the least and learn to sacrifice ourselves for them, that they might meet you.

Jesus grow your church, in depth of trust in you. In understanding of your preeminence and sovereignty over all things. Help us to trust that you really do hold all things together by the power of your word.

May this moment keep us spiritually poor in spirit. That we would never grow older than you, always knowing our need for you, your grace, and your power to live. Make us hungry for more of you and your righteousness. That we would ache for your glory to fill the globe as the waters do the sea.

Father bring renewal to the faithful remnant as we seek you, surrender ourselves, and determine to live only for you. Give us an awakened sense of living is Christ and dying is gain. You alone are our hope, security, and provision. May your name be glorified in us. Now, and forevermore, amen.


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