It’s Time to Build the House

This week I am preaching on Haggai in our series on the Minor Prophets. We didn’t give any thought of the calendar when we scheduled this series so it is surely of the Holy Spirit that a word about taking up the work of building the house of the Lord comes on the one-year anniversary of the last service before pandemic shutdowns.

God’s remnant people had come back from exile with the announced mission to rebuild the Temple. They began the work but face significant opposition and distress. So like any of us facing hardship, they gave up. They stopped the work on the Temple thinking it could never be as beautiful as before. But they did keep laboring, just for themselves building fine houses. Haggai is the word of the Lord calling them to engage again in building His house.

They can do it because he promises to be with them and that what he is building is better. It is the thing of greater glory.

Haggai is about the new Temple. It is about Jesus and his people being made into the Temple of greater glory. But it also has a stirring reminder to us to get back to work.

While many of us faced a pause in momentum or drive for the last year, given the unknowns and difficulty of doing more than maintaining, yet it is likely time that we get back to it. Responsibly for sure but knowing that God is with us and he is building something better.

I think this is true for us at Reservoir Church and it is likely true for you wherever you are. What was the thing God was calling you to? How was the glory of Christ meant to be manifest in your life? What risks were you supposed to take, what energy or resource were you supposed to invest? It’s time. Build the house. The Lord is with you and he build better.


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