Three Months of Ministry and More

Haggai is a short prophetic book that packs a punch. In a good way.

The Prophet was used by the Lord to stir the people back up to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem in 520 BC. The Lord spoke, the people listened and headed his call. The Temple was rebuilt. It is a story of empowerment and presence, and the promise of something far greater.

It is Immanuel experienced and foretold all the same.

What strikes me though is that all of this happened in three and a half months. Haggai gives us the days that words came so we can map it with precision. And that is all we know of Haggai. Three months of ministry that the Lord used for so much more.

Something seemingly small, with significant ramifications.

I wonder how many of us do ministry and commit to the small things without a realization how the Lord uses it. Speaking as a pastor of a small church, we should not despise the time we have, or the reach we have. God will call his people through whomsoever he chooses. It can be the three-month prophet, or the small church pastor, the high-caliber missionary, the large church discipleship ministry. The Lord works. He builds and he uses materials we least expect.

Brothers and sisters, keep going. The Lord will use you. For three months and so much more!


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