Where We Go Next

Entering into the week today with a hunger, an expectancy that I haven’t had in a while. Last week a I was studying and preparing to preach on Zephaniah (our church is doing a series on the Minor Prophets) I was struck again by the love of God for his people. It was expected of course as portions of this prophet mean a great deal to our family. But as Sunday approached I had a sense that we were turning the corner on something, that a chapter was beginning.

As we gathered yesterday for worship there were many sweet moments. We had the largest attendance since March of 2020, with some returning faces recently vaccinated excited to be at church. Singing worship was rich in participation, which is saying something as we sing outside and there is a bit of shuffling between spaces. And in the preaching I was stirred all the more by the love of God for us. Many pastors will know what I am talking about, but during the sermon at one point I felt a very clear move of God, the Spirit was at work and the gospel was going forth with power.

God is so gracious to have given me that moment.

We continued in song with a resounding response to the word. To close the time together we came to the Lord’s Supper as those in need receiving from him. It was a great Sunday for this pastor. And I hope for this church!

The question that remains this morning as I embark on study of Haggai is what of that sense of a new chapter? Where we go next as a people, as a church, as salt and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. I don’t know the answer but I know we will press into whatever it is. Long for the Spirit to move, proclaiming the gospel for the glory of Christ and seeing our lives transformed. It really is a new day.

Onward to where we go next!


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