The Father's Heart

This morning I had the pleasure of dropping my daughter off for the first day of middle school. It's only sixth grade but on a new campus with older kids, and many more of them, it is a big deal for her. Paired with her frequent bouts of anxiety, it could have been a rough morning. 

But by God's grace, she did great. She asked me to take her as Mom took the younger kids and I gladly obliged. We had a chance to pray together and she said "peace out" as she jumped from the car into the new day. 

As I drove away, watching her walk to class, I was struck by the heart of God for his children. As I contemplated her day and the experience, I continued to pray and my heart was soft, almost to tears. Now, I am a huge softy anyway but the way I delight in my children and long for the best for them is nothing near the heart of God for us. 

He rejoices over us with gladness, he quiets our souls with his presence. He loves us and counts us worth so much that he would send his Son to redeem us, to adopt us as sons and daughters. His heart is soft when he thinks of us, which is often. 

Some of us didn't have a great experience with a human father but you still have a good Father who loves you and cares enough for you to rescue you. To give you real life. Rest in his heart toward you. It is tender. He is here. He hears you and responds. 

Run to him today.                                                                                             


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