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The Fullness

For the first half of the week I was attending the Pursuit conference in Houston. Hosted by a large church there, the conference was an invitation to the reclamation of the gifts of the Spirit in the life of the church. The host pastor confessed his functional cessationism (believing doctrinally that the gifts described in Scripture are still happening today but in practice living as if they are not). For many it was a introduction to prophecy, tongues, and healing (among other gifts) but for many of us it was also a keen reminder of what our hearts long for.  I lead a church that holds doctrinally to the continuation of the gifts, we are parts of a network that expresses this clearly, and we have been blessed by a number of significant healings and prophetic words timely and Christ-exalting. And my attendance represented an earnest desire form more expression of the gifts in the life of the church and the unleashing of gospel power that we would proclaim Jesus with boldness in our day