Finishing Galatians

“May every reader of this letter acknowledge the grace of Christ, the freedom of the gospel and the power of the Spirit. And may all of us attend to the circumstances in which God has placed us, so that our faith will indeed work through love in the lives of those around us.” Moises Silva on Galatians.

Today at Reservoir Church we finished our series studying Galatians. It is a potent, gospel-packed epistle that brought us face-to-face with our own inclination to trust in things other than Jesus for salvation, identity, or peace. Through the study I even found myself having conversations and warning saints away from the exact issues the Apostle writes about.

Throughout we were brought again and again to the cross and finished work of Jesus. Challenged away from idolatry and negating grace. Invited by the Spirit into the work of care for each other and our neighbors.

What a savory letter it is, full of the mercy and grace of Christ. May it continue to transform us as a people for the glory of Jesus.


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