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New Routines for a New Year

We are getting tragically close to the end of another year and while we wait to see how things unfold into 2022 it is time to make a plan for routines that will help us flourish and stay rooted in Christ as the world is ravaged by chaos.  To this end I am encouraging members of Reservoir to commit, as usual, to a plan for reading Scripture regularly. We don’t mandate a plan or ask for evidence that you have been a good saint in your Bible reading, but we do recognize the benefits of immersing ourselves in the Word and clinging to our anchor as the storms rage. So pick a plan and read.  There are many plans available and apps like the YouVersion Bible App make tracking with a plan easy. If you want an accessible plan, that won’t take two hours of the day, and you want to read along with others in the church, we are recommending the New Testament in a year plan from The Bible Project. You can find it here .  Moving beyond just Bible intake, why not add some intentional prayer and postur