It's About the People Too

"All Creatures Great and Small" is a great Masterpiece show that is the perfect change from the typical murder mystery the PBS special airs. No one dies, at least not humans, and the show reveals more about human relationships or the longing for them, and if we have eyes to see it, questions of vocation and purpose. (Spoiler alert...)

While there was much brewing in this week's episode, it was the seeming resolution for Tristan that caught my attention as it pertains to our work and a broader purpose for all of it. Tristan is the playboy-wanna-be little brother who this season finds out that he really did not pass all of his veterinary exams. Lacking credentials he has been processing through his purpose and vocation (as for him, and likely us, the two often drive each other). Much space has been filled with Tris lazing about wondering what he is meant to do. But this week, in helping a grouchy old women grieve the loss of her dear pooch Tristan has an epiphany. 

It was the repeated refrain of his brother that the work is about the people too. Tristan realized in a moment that he was not only supposed to help animals and keep them healthy, but his work also served the human companions of these animals. Tending the bull serves the family relying on it for income. Keeping a herd of cows alive saves the single mom from financial ruin. Pairing the grieving dog mom with a stray brings healing and hope to two creatures, a pooch, and a person. 

Tristan springs into action and determines to head back to school to pass the exam he needs to be credentialed. We will likely see it come about... if war can stay at bay long enough! 

Tristan is all of us. No matter the vocation, the job, the work we do day in and out, people are impacted. They are served, cared for, and if we are doing it right, given hope. Even if we crunch numbers all day somewhere somehow humanity benefits. 

For believers, this is part of our mandate as we join Jesus in the renewal of all things. To see purpose in our work deeper than expected. It might just be the epiphany we need, the spring in our step, to drive to keep going. 

How is your work about the people too? 


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