Flying Thoughts

We all have different reasons for the journey. We all have our own stories, our own angles of understanding the world and our experience of it. 

These souls that fill the flying cylinder in the air. Rushing to an exotic location with a language not all of us understand. 

Some are on sad business. Returning home to bury family or their love. Some are just beginning a life of wedded bliss. Prepared for margaritas, sand between their toes and a week of sex to mark their nuptials. Some finally taking a break from the race of rats. This the answer to “slow down or die.” 

All different reasons. Vastly different stories. Most we will never know.

My own reason is one of family adventure. Visiting our blood relations who chose wisely where to live. Days of play, empty diaries, and close quarters for three generations. 

Our stories will blend with others. We will bump into strangers, meet people that live in the same zip code a thousand miles away. And while we may never mingle stories and reasons with spoken words or even a glance of knowing winks, our stories will merge into the traffic of humanity’s lurch toward a redemption many may not see. 

It’s the ache that drives us, that leaves us unsettled and on the hunt. The need that is never silenced. The longing that owns the label of deepest. What our souls were built for. 

These wings will take us all toward this ache and need and longing and maybe some of us will see them met. For some of us will encounter the One our frame is for. 

All these different reasons for being crammed together with those unknown to us but fully known to Him. Our own angles that hopefully let us catch Him in the breeze, the laughter and tears, the sense of purpose renewed. That even with vastly unique stories they can be told understanding the grace of our soul-tending Savior. 

This is my prayer. Spoken through typed words searching for beauty. For that which my soul aches. For Jesus. 


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