Pastor, Jesus is Enough

I have been anticipating this new book from Jeremy Writebol geared to exhort and encourage pastors. Having just finished an advance copy I can say the anticipation was matched with clear and timely words for those doing ministry in our age. 

In Pastor, Jesus is Enough Writebol endeavors to relay Jesus' comfort and challenge in his letters to the churches in Revelation 2 & 3 (which he sees as letters to the messengers, pastors of these churches). Unpacking each helpfully through the lens of modern ministry and how we are prone to trusting in our self-sufficiency, get caught up in the rage of the day, or experience our own suffering. 

Each chapter shows how Jesus is enough, that he is for us and how that is meant to shape our vision and execution of ministry. And the book ends in worship, what carries us through. 

Writebol's own experience of division and desertion out of the pandemic and political upheaval of the last couple of years serves as the backdrop for this work. This makes the book tremendously meaningful for those serving in North American churches. But it also is not a polemic that takes sides or pushes for more disruption. This book is solidly about Jesus and his care for his churches, his pastors. 

More than for pastors, I think Pastor, Jesus is Enough includes helpful reminders for all believers, and it would serve members of congregations to read and pray through how best to pray for and remind their pastors that Jesus is enough. 

This closing from the book will give you the flavor and savor of Writebol's work: "Pastor, that is our bright future. That is our heavenly reality right now. We would be wise to follow the lead of our heavenly pastors and fall down and worship. That is what pastoring is: worship. Keeping people attentive to Christ, who is enough for all things at all times in every way. But that isn't just true for our churches; it's true for pastors like you and me who need someone to be enough for us. Jesus is that one. Jesus is enough."


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