The Sympathizer

First finished fiction of the year. The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. This Pulitzer Prize winner weaves a good story through the difficult landscape of the Vietnam war, or American war as it may be. Highlighting the life of a South Vietnamese intelligence officer who is a double agent, the story launches with the fleeing from Saigon and entry into life in Southern California. 

There was much to grab a hold of in this book and though I began it at Thanksgiving, it consistently beckoned for reading on days I was free for fiction. 

There is plenty of human gravity in the book, assassinations, illicit romance (not graphic in description), torture rape, all told to encapsulate the era. There was also a deep core sense of longing for belonging that pulls back a bit of the veil of the human condition that I found enticing in The Sympathizer. 

Thoughtful, provoking, and engaging. I enjoyed this one. 


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