Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation

Like most people in reformed circles I anticipated this great book from Collin Hansen and grabbed a physical copy from Barnes and Noble (rare as I read mostly ebooks). Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation is, as has been said elsewhere, less biography and more bibliography of Keller's life. The book recounts the people, places, circumstances, and authors that shaped one of the most prominent pastors of a generation. 

With his own collection of culture and church defining books, Keller was, like any of us, uniquely formed by a bevy of influences and Hansen has given us the roadmap for adding many of these formative voices to our own lives. 

There are some new stories in the book, things perhaps you didn't know of Keller, but much that is here sheds light on the voice you have heard preaching or writing these last two decades of his popularity. 

My take-away was to faithfully be where we are supposed to be and stay curious, ready to grow and change across the journey of all of life. That is at least what we see Keller do as told by Hansen. It is always encouraging to see steadfast hunger for the grace of Christ, humble acceptance of One's own limitations, and consistency of life and ministry. Hansen has shown Keller to hold these things in spades. 

Be warned, after reading this work, you will likely have a long catalogue of books you want to purchase and read, lectures you want to listened to, and your own formation you want to tend to. Go for it. 


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